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Crawldata from from 2000-10-17T13:07:04PDT to 2000-10-18T03:52:03PDT

Published 2000
Topics crawldata

Data crawled by on behalf of from Tue Oct 17 13:07:04 PDT 2000 to Wed Oct 18 03:52:03 PDT 2000

Identifier 20001016.000010-20001017130704-971817917-c
Date 2000
Firstfiledate 20000117212816
Lastfiledate 20001018120158
Mediatype web
Scanningcenter San Francisco
Publicdate 2012-07-11 18:19:38
Addeddate 2012-07-11 18:19:38
Imagecount 11894981
Fail-reasons CDXIndex:gzip fail:20001016.000011-20001017152005-971827627.arc.gz CDXIndex:gzip fail:20001016.000251-20001017173605-971837840.arc.gz CDXIndex:gzip fail:20001016.000253-20001017200803-971841368.arc.gz CDXIndex:gzip fail:20001016.000011-20001017152005-971823882.arc.gz CDXIndex:gzip fail:20001016.000011-20001017152005-971827393.arc.gz CDXIndex:gzip fail:20001016.000253-20001017200803-971842158.arc.gz CDXIndex:gzip fail:20001016.000254-20001017223205-971849618.arc.gz CDXIndex:gzip fail:20001016.000254-20001017223205-971850812.arc.gz CDXIndex:gzip fail:20001016.000257-20001018012203-971860673.arc.gz CDXIndex:gzip fail:20001016.000253-20001017200803-971846412.arc.gz CDXIndex:gzip fail:20001016.000254-20001017223205-971849392.arc.gz
Scandate 20000117212816
Boxid OL100010005


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